Sadaf Ahmadi

portfolio and cv:

SADAF AHMADI was born in 1985. 

 She is a multidisciplinary artist educated in Sooreh university in Tehran and Karnameh institute under the mentorship of Abbas Kiarostami. 

After 16 years of practice in different fields of cinema, she moved to Sweden and her first exhibition released in 2023 in France and in a short while she was invited to 5 more shows in the same year. 


  1.   Setting exhibition, Örebro, Sweden Openart2024
  2. Concrete setting Borås,Sweden konstmuseum October 2023
  3.   Concrete exhibition Borås,Sweden kulturhuset September 2023 

  4. Setting exhibition in      Provence,France July 2023

  1. Concrete exhibition Paris,France 2023
  2. Concrete exhibition France-Provence 2022
  3. The forgiveness trilogy movie, acting Tehran 2022
  4. The smoky (Documentary) Filmmaker, Sweden-Norway 2021
  5. “No Land’s Song” (2015) assistant 

  9.   Bullshit -Experimental Movie Award from Invisible Cinema in the USA 2013.

  1. Rasht – Stadt der Frauen performed in Berlin 2011
  2. One-year “Abbas Kiarostami’s Course” in 2010.
  3. – One-year “Tarokh’s Acting Academy” in 2010.
  4. Graduated in Cinema/Directing from “Sooreh” University in 2009. 
  5. Best Actress Award, Mr.Kimiayi Acting Academy,” Tehran 2009
  6. Incomplete moon Iran 2008 actress 
  7. “Chance Only Knock Once! It’s a Lie” (Short, 2008)
  8.   One day of these days-short/Germany2007

17.  “Now Eat”-Short, 2005

  1. “Bullshits” -Short, 2005- Best
  2. “Enjoy If You Can!” -Short, 2006
  3. “1385” -Short, 2006
  4. “Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” -Short, 2006)
  5. Participating in Berlinale Talent Campus 2007
  6. “Up Down Middle Left Right” -Short, 2007
  7. “One Day of These Days”-short berlinale-Garage Studio, 2007
  8. Best Actress Award “Nahal Short Film Festival,” Tehran 2007.
  9. Best Actress Award, “Sayeh Short Film Festival,” Tehran 2007.
  10. Incomplete Moon” (Short, 2007).
  11. “Tehran Forever” (Fiction, 2007).
  12. “Football Under Cover” Documentary, assistant director 2007
  13. “Write My Story” -tv movie, assistant director 2007
  14. “It Can Be Without Name” Short, actress 2006
  15. “Camera, Sidewalk” Documentary,assistant director 2006
  16. “Ferdowsi, Saddam Hussein, and the Ants’ March in the Empty City” – Theatre performance,acting , 2005.
  17. “Madmuazel” Short, acting 2005
  18. “Let It Be” Short, 2005

36. “The Moments Before the Tragedy,” 2005

  1. “Crow’s Childhood” Short-acting 2005 
  2. “The Forward’s Fear of the Penalty Kick” Documentary, assistant director 2005
  3.   “Just a Simple Day” Short,directing 2004
  4. “Mama Is Dead” Short, acting 2004
  5. “Shifteh Sholuq Shelakhteh” Short, acting 2004
  6. “A World That Its Predestination Is in My Hand” Short, acting 2004
  7. “Nothing Will Ever Happen Here (News from Tehran 2)” (+Playwriting), KunstenFESTIVALdesArts-Brussels, 2004.
  8. “Move It” Short, assistant director 2004
  9. “The Armed Robbery of Potatoes,” Tehran, assistant director 2003

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

”Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” which made the opportunity of participating in “garage studio” with “one day of these days” as one of the four chosen film scripts for being made in 24 hours in studio “hau 3” for Berlinale 2007

Her movie was out of Islamic republic’s standard of morality rules  for  hijab either the gender issue as the main subject. So it couldn’t be presented in Iran.

Editing the short movie “one day of these days” in studio Hau3, Berlin film festival 


Short movie bulshits 2009 got screened in “Chicago artillery “won the best experimental movie in the “invisible cinema” of Maryland Newyork.

Other short movies

Enjoy if you can! Short. 2006

1385. Short. 2006

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Short. 2006( Berlinale talent campus 2007)

Up down middle left right. Short. 2007

One day of these days.(made in garage studio 2007)

“Rasht” ( documentary .2011)

“chance only knock once! It’s a lie” (short.2008)

“” (documentary series .2016)

“No jan” ( documentary ,2017)

“Papers & pictures”. Now.Post production )


Sadaf Ahmadi as an actress participated in more than 40 shorts, fictions movies, Tv series and Performances in lran and Germany, yet most of them without hijab or islamic republic’s standards therefor, had to remain not introduced nore presented.

Here is a  list of some of them

Mama is dead. Short.  2004

Shifteh sholuq shelakhteh. Short. 2004

Madmuazel. Short. 2005

let it be. Short. 2005

A world that its predestination is in my hand. Short. 

Crow’s child hood. Short.

Just a simple day. Short.

It can be without name. Short. 2006

Incomplete moon. Short.( 2007 )

Tehran for ever. Fiction (2007)

Ashkan and the charming ring. fiction.(2007)

Par. short.(2007)

Next movie.(2009)

Strangers. movie(2009)

Mono pop. short.(2009)

Walking on the movie.(2009)

The eye. Fiction(2010)

In searching of a bride movie(2010)

The question of an answer.(2011)

Friend of my friend. Unfinished .. fiction.(2011)

Black series.(2012)

Summer and the Ineluctable apple.(2012)

Nobody spoke. short.(2012)

Haft series.(2013)

Death formula movie.(2013)

Acrid fiction.(2011.the ensemble acting award from rom film festival2013)

Jumping from the low height. fiction.( Berlin Film Festival2014)

My home, yesterday ,today. documentary(2014)

All the things which is missed. short(2014)

performances …

 Ferdowsi , Saddam Hussein, and the Ants’ March in the Empty City – Tehran Fajr Theatre Festival, 2005 

The moments before the tragedy, 2005

“Lady Tehran” Germany 2009

 “Rasht, city of women” berlin  HAU 3  2010

The last short movie she took part in Iran was

“the forgiveness trilogy” by Mohammad Bayesteh 2020

First AD

The forward’s fear of the penalty kick. Documentary. 2005

Camera, Sidewalk Documentary. 2006.

 Stranger .Fiction. 2007         

Incomplete moon. Short. 2007

Football under cover. Documentary. 2007

Move it. Short. 2004

The forward’s fear of the penalty kick. Documentary. 2005

Camera , Sidewalk. Documentary. 2006.

Football under cover. Documentary. 2007.

Write my story. Fiction. 2007



She immigrated to Sweden in 2020 and one month after moving, she started a documentary about prospectors opening a crystal pocket in Norway, crystal mountains of Berglia which has 10 meter depth full of smokey quartz clusters. The movie post production finished at 2022 and the project is going to be continued in other pockets around Sweden and Norway.