Sadaf Ahmadi

EXPRESSEN: Victor Malm: Islamists Cannot Be Given Power Over Our Freedoms

Borås Cultural Center has halted an exhibition by the artist Sadaf Ahmadi. Victor Malm cautions against bureaucrats who conform to theocratic demands. Nygaard interrupted Rushdie. He was proud to have published the novel. He would never entertain the idea of blaming anyone other than the perpetrator.

Furthermore, he had already commissioned a significant reprint of the novel.

Moral resilience of this nature is uncommon. It is always simpler to abstain, to lack the courage to remain steadfast to principles, especially when the threat is palpable. In contrast to Nygaard, we find in Borås a cultural chief who has halted an exhibition by the exiled Iranian artist at Borås Cultural Center. Specifically, a portion of the exhibition consisting of ethereal concrete sculptures depicting women draped in full veils is considered potentially hazardous. This is due in part to the general unease stirred by Quran burnings and the concern that individuals may feel offended or hurt by these concrete-covered women adorned in chadors, symbolically representing Ahmadi’s own experiences of women’s oppression under the Iranian regime.