Art is my language to connect to the world

I tried to speak out my heart through out everything which was possible at the time.

since I immigrated to Sweden 

I found a new life not only as an artist but also as a citizen of a democratic world. 

I was trying to find more about the land and it’s precious natural mines and mountains, people and their lifestyle. Therefor I could find new materials and taught myself how to work with them like a new language.  

Today Iranians are protesting and standing for their rights in front of a dictatorship,  Women in the front line and men and even children beside them are shouting woman life freedom.

Here in Sweden where I can have freedom of speech  I feel responsible to use the skills I learned to amplify their voice and find more international help to save them from a brutal illegal criminal regime, to help the people of my country and here I’m asking out from any one who can make this voice louder.


woman life freedom

Sadaf Ahmadi

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