Sadaf Ahmadi


Sadaf Ahmadi, born 1985, is a multidisciplinary artist with a background of filmmaking in Iran, she obtained her MA degree in the field.

Accumulating 16 years of expertise in both fiction and

documentary films, she actively engaged in the Berlinale

Talent Campus under the guidance of Jay Annania.

Subsequently, she completed her studies at Abbas Kiarostami’s

Karname Academy. Upon relocating to Sweden, she shifted

her focus to fine art, organizing exhibitions in both France and

Sweden. Her artistic creations, encompassing both visual

imagery and sculptures, serve as a reflection on her

experiences in repressive Iran and her participation in the

Women’s Life Freedom movement.

Her sculptures exhibition was called controversial and stopped by cultural house in Sweden but it made a big wave of criticism from national and international media and journalists who pushed the issue back to exhibit the work eventually in Borås art museum. 



woman life freedom

Sadaf Ahmadi

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